Department of Communication Electronics

Modern devices of communication can be found everywhere in our daily life: Mobile phones, mobile internet access, recording of sensor information (e.g. building monitoring), medical electronics.

For these applications you need a lot of - partly very complicated - algorithms of signal processing. The user expects mobile-applicable devices, operative for a long time. But batteries available today or other energy sources provide comparably little energy.

Here the use of microelectronic systems offers a solution. It is possible to realize high computing power or extremely low energy consumption for circuits on a very small scale.

In order to reach this aim, the design of signal processing and the design of microelectronic systems have to be a close association. Only in this way it is possible to create optimal systems for the prevailing applications.

In addition, you gain experience and knowledge about a variety of applications and combine them with knowledge on microelectronics. Thus, a lot of interesting perspectives are initiated.